GWT for Web Applications

There are several approaches for writing web applications, each with their own advantages.  GWT is a new framework with its own niche.

  • Your standard ASP.Net (or JSP/PHP/etc) w/ Ajax and JQuery (or other Javascript library)
  • Java WebStart or .Net ClickOnce
  • GWT w/ Webservices

ASP.Net (or JSP/PHP/etc) – for Dynamic Websites

ASP.Net is great, because it will run on any browser, but it difficult and error prone to write Javascript code, and many times the application or site isn’t very interactive or responsive.

A coworker suggests that this is good for a “dynamic website”, rather than a full blown “web application”.  It certainly has a web site feel, rather than an application feel to it.  See the GWT demos below to see what I’m talking about.

Java WebStart or .Net ClickOnce – for Internal Corporate Applications

This, however, provides are great environment for writing interactive applications, however it requires either Java or .Net on the client.  Some users do not have permissions necessary to install Java and .Net.

GWT w/ Webservices – for Public Applications

GWT is a great idea that compiles Java code into Javascript to give you an HTML/Javascript web application.    It allows you to have *a lot* of javascript code that does not talk with the web server.  Be sure to check out these GWT demos.

You can’t use the Java library with GWT, however you get a great GWT UI library, and you can call a webservice to do anything you like, for instance to make database calls.

As a C# developer, I find this great, because the learning curve is small.  The Java language is so close to C#, and I don’t have to learn the Java library.

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