This blog is partly to store knowledge I’ve found on the web for my own reference, and partly to let others more easily find answers on the web. I suspect the blog will cover .Net, MS SQL Server, and a few bits about other technologies I run across.  You can reach me at clay at lenharts dot net.

If you are looking for advise on internet advertising, the company I work for, Latitude Group, has a good blog on the state of the industry http://www.latitudegroup.com/ (left hand bar).

The views expressed in my blog are my own and do not represent Latitude Group.

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  1. mst says:

    This is intended as a private message, not a comment on your blog. If it ends up public, no big deal…

    I’m the company dba here and so am pretty adept at TSQL but SSAS is a new animal to me. I read your Beginner’s Guide and have a few comments.

    First– more would be good. (In all your “spare” time, right?)

    Re “SSAS Storage Structure”– If I read it correctly I think I now have a pretty good idea of how to USE a cube… for each metric you need to track you just add a dimension. (now I need to figure out how to create, populate, query it)

    As far as how to visualize a cube with > 3 dimensions: (too) many years ago an old teacher threw out a pretty good mental model: a 4 dimensional cube is a row of cubes. 5 dim is an x/y grid of cubes etc

    NOW all I have to learn about SSAS is “all the rest”…. do you have any favorite end to end books or blogs?

  2. Clay Lenhart says:

    Unfortunately I would not recommend the books I have read on SSAS. Perhaps I was unlucky, but I felt they made it difficult to grasps the concepts. I had plans to write about 5 more posts to cover the concepts that got me up to the level to understand the books, but unfortunately I haven’t had the time.

    I decided, awhile ago in fact, that I could not split my time between the SSAS articles I wanted to write, and the SQL Server Engine backup tool, MSSQL Compressed Backup. I chose to spend my time on the backup tool.

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