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How SSAS Cube Processing Affects Running Queries

SSAS cube processing can kill running queries. That’s right, it may kill queries in order to commit changes to the cube.

Here is what happens during SSAS cube processing. Continue reading

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Execution Plan of Frequent Queries

Bill Galashan, DBA of bet365 sent over the following query that lists the execution plan of the 10 most frequently executed queries. Continue reading

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GWT is Flexible — an iPhone Demo

GWT is a very flexible environment that allows you to write a web application in Java and compile it to Javascript — even for the iPhone. A number of people have fears with GWT, for instance GWT isn’t flexible which will lead developers down a dead-end path and GWT is ugly, and can’t be used to make “gucci” UIs. This post will show that these are just myths. Continue reading

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