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Listing checked-out files in Team System (TFS)

You can get a complete list of checked out files by using the tf.exe command line tool found in: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE All checked out files in $/MyProject: tf.exe status $/MyProject /user:* /s:http://MyTfsServer:8080 /recursive All files checked out … Continue reading

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Version Control – Part 4: Distributed Version Control

There are many reasons to create branches in the Update/Commit model and Distributed Version Control really excels in an environment with many branches. Take the examples in the previous post: In Distributed Version Control, each of these would be ‚Äúrepository/working … Continue reading

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Version Control – Part 3: Branching/Merging

Branch and Merge Many people who implement Update/Commit typically organize the server into the Trunk and Branches folders: This allows you work on long term, scheduled features in Trunk, while making unexpected bug fixes in the latest branch: v2.0. The … Continue reading

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Version Control – Part 2: Update/Commit

The problem with Checkin/Checkout Generally speaking, Checkin/Checkout interrupts developers. You want to finish your task, but you can’t continue on a portion of it, which then interrupts your thought process. The more developers you have with the Checkin/Checkout model, the … Continue reading

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Version Control – Part 1: Checkin/Checkout

Linus Torvalds is big on distributed version control (, and I’m starting to see the light. Distributed version control is something any organization should seriously consider, not just open source projects. This is a start of a series of blog … Continue reading

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