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The “Many Core” Problem

We, as developers, have a problem. CPUs will continue to have more cores, and each core is not going to be any faster. The only way to write faster applications is to write multithreaded code, which has two challenges: 1) Multithreaded code is complex to write and think about. 2)Multithreaded code is difficult to test. From what I’ve seen, people are pursuing 4 approaches.
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GWT for Web Applications

There are several approaches for writing web applications, each with their own advantages.  GWT is a new framework with its own niche. Your standard ASP.Net (or JSP/PHP/etc) w/ Ajax and JQuery (or other Javascript library) Java WebStart or .Net ClickOnce … Continue reading

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Advantages of Immutable Data

I was reading about two of Google’s internal programs, Bigtable and Google File System, and how they handle a large amounts of data so that the processing is distributed (Bigtable) and the data is replicated (Google File System). One thing … Continue reading

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